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Teaching is an integral part of my musical work.  Above all, I strongly believe in maintaining high standards of playing within a nurturing and supportive atmosphere in my studio.

I currently serve on the board of directors of the Seattle Music Teachers Association as VP of Student Development, and co-chair the SMTA Sonatina Festival.  As an educator, I have taught in both private studio setting and in university programs. Currently, my studio is made up of students ranging from intermediate and advanced pre-college students, adult enthusiasts to those with professional aspirations.  My most dedicated students have received top honors at festivals and competitions like the Charleston International Competition, SIPF Bach Festival, Virtuoso Festival, Classical Festival, the Russian Chamber Music Festival Competition, the Helen Crowe Snelling Competition, and Washington State solo-ensemble, while some have gained acceptance as piano majors in universities throughout the Northwest and beyond. Many other students continue to pursue and enjoy their piano study for the enrichment it brings to their lives.

Even though they come from all walks of life, my students and their families all value music highly in their lives.  My goal is to shape well-rounded young individuals and musicians, and enrich their lives with a high-quality music education that will last a lifetime.


Sample Student Performances:

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